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How to Stock Your Bar Cart for the Super Bowl

How to Stock Your Bar Cart for the Super Bowl

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Check out these tips for successfully stocking your bar cart

Make sure you stock your party cart with these essentials.

A new trend has emerged in the world of cocktails, drinks and libations: the bar cart. An elegant, fun and trendy way to serve and store your favorite drinks, this new trend in home bartending is taking over by storm. Gone are the days of having a fully stocked bar in your man cave or entertaining area. Now, people are finding stylish carts and stocking them to the brim with their favorite liquors, wines and other necessities. The cart is not only attractive to the eye, but it is mobile, allowing for it to come and go from room to room if need be- which is perfect for a Super Bowl party full of fidgety fans!

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A bar cart is like any other trendy home item. You need to choose a style that defines who you are and what tone you want to set. Are you the type with an elegant sitting room, filled with classic pieces of art and posh furniture? Choose a cart that is on the classic side with gold fixtures and glass shelves. Someone more trendy and edgy will want to choose something that has a bit of zing to it, a cart with personality. Retailers left and right sell carts that can be used for your bar needs. Shop around and choose one that suits you;. Or, should you be the patient type, thrift for it.

When it comes to stocking it, think of two things. First, what will your guests enjoy? Bar carts are meant for entertaining, so you'll need to stock it with liquors and mixers that will appeal to a mass quantity of people. Go with classics - vodka, gin, tonic water - so you have a well-rounded array of liquors to choose from. Second, what will you want? Everyone has their own tastes. Part of having a bar cart is enjoying it for yourself, so don't be shy about stocking it with those cheesy novelty liquors if that is what you like. Just be sure to keep your cart well-stocked, fun and ready for entertaining.

8 Crowd-Pleasing Food Ideas for Your Super Bowl Party

It’s Super Bowl time, the wintertime American tradition of gathering around the television for football while stuffing ourselves with snacks. As the second biggest food day in the nation — trailing only Thanksgiving — the grub is as important or more so than the game itself.

There are a few obvious items you should have at your disposal before kickoff. Naturally, you’ll need some fantastic guacamole and a fridge full of the best cheap beers. You’d also be wise to offer some easy and satisfying options, like frozen pizza and potato chips. But you don’t have to go by the playbook. In fact, if you have the energy, we suggest an audible and preparing a few things that are a little more crafty in makeup and rewarding in flavor.

Here are eight recipes to help round out your Super Bowl Sunday menu, including a dip and batch of wings Marshawn Lynch would approve of.

Jägermule Punch

Crafted by Flinn Pomroy, Sweetwater Social

What You Need:

  • 125 oz Jägermeister
  • 42.5 oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 37.5 oz Ginger Syrup
  • 35 oz Bigelow Orange & Spice Tea
  • 60 oz Soda Water (add to taste)
  • 2 whole oranges sliced into thin discs (to garnish)

How To Make It:

Combine Jägermeister, Lime Juice, and Ginger Syrup in punch bowl. Bring 5 cups of water to a boil and add 5 tea bags of Bigelow Orange & Spice. Remove water from heat and allow to steep for roughly 6 minutes (Note: you will have more tea brewed than you are actually going to use). Add Bigelow Orange & Spice tea to the punch bowl. Stir vigorously, and add soda to taste. Garnish with orange slices.

Pairs Well With:

Smoky, spice-forward barbecue sauce or wings which will bring out the spices in the Bigelow Orange & Spice Tea.

Super Bowl BBQ that’s sure to score

This touchdown worthy recipe is sure to score with your crowd on Super Bowl Sunday. In addition to your winning spread of chips, dips and vegetable trays, treat your family and friends to this delicious pulled pork BBQ served on homemade Byrd Mill Hot Rolls. We like to serve these topped with creamy cole slaw and hot sauce. Go team!

Ingredients and Instructions:

In the pressure cooker:

6 lb. pork loin roast
I cup of water

Cook on high pressure for 45-50 minutes with one cup of water. When cool enough, shred the meat easily with a fork.

For the homemade sauce:

1 cup apple cider
½ cup ketchup
¼ cup yellow mustard
¼ cup Worcestershire
1 tablespoon Tabasco
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon garlic
1 tablespoon kosher salt
2 teaspoons hickory liquid smoke
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup sugar
½ cup honey

Stir together first 11 ingredients in saucepan. Stir in sugar and honey. Bring to a boil then simmer for 30 minutes. You can either mix the meat with the sauce, or serve the sauce on the side.

Byrd Mill Hot Roll Mix:

Combine the Byrd Mill Hot Roll Mix in a large bowl with 1 cup of warm water and the yeast packet. Let dough rise until double in size, punch down and divide into 12 equal portions. Bake in a 400-degree oven for 10-12 minutes.

Baked Bacon and Cheddar Chicken Strips

Bacon and cheddar are a match made in football heaven, and these easy chicken strips are made for munching during the big game. They're baked instead of fried, making them a teeny bit healthier, and you can size up the recipe to suit a big crowd. Serve them with a simple Sriracha mayo for top-notch dipping.

The Best Super Bowl Food Ideas for 2021

CLASSIC PLAY French onion dip (with an ultra-rich and savory caramelized-onion topping): It’s what’s for Super Bowl Sunday.

Sara Bosworth

THERE’S AT LEAST one upside to not being able to attend a raucous Super Bowl party this year: no competition for the snacks. Perhaps in years past you arrived late to the party and ended up with the only chair without a back, far from the snack table, where the dip disappeared from the bowl long before you could fight your way to it. This year you can tweak the recipe measurements to provide your household personal-size batches of party food, or keep the measurements the same and enjoy the leftovers throughout the week. Whether you want to spice it up with an award-winning wings recipe or satisfy a sweet tooth with raspberry miso cheesecake, these recipes will have you dancing in the end zone.

Finger Foods

A good rule of thumb for finger foods: The messier it leaves your hands, the better it tastes. Case in point: chicken wings. If you’re up for outdoor grilling try this tangy version tossed with Alabama white sauce and seasoned with plenty of lemon juice. Refine your taco-assembly skills with chef Chris Wallace’s mushroom tacos, which can be whipped up sans meat or with bacon, depending on your preference. For something lighter and highly munchable, try these highly customizable popcorn recipes, with flavors ranging from Bloody Mary to spiced caramel.

There aren’t many times in a year when it’s completely acceptable—encouraged, in fact—to count dips as dinner, so why not take full advantage? This buttery oven-baked crab dip carries just the right amount of celery crunch. Serve it with crisp toast rounds—and a simple green salad, if you must. A classic French-onion dip is always a touchdown, and this luscious version topped with caramelized onions scores the extra point. And we strongly encourage you to give the unjustly maligned cheese ball another chance.


A good drink goes a long way when it comes to alleviating game-day stress. If you’re craving a bar-quality cocktail but don’t necessarily have a bar-quality setup, don’t worry: with some Tupperware and a tablespoon you can do wonders. Here’s our guide on how to MacGyver a pro-level drink at home. Or maybe you’d rather keep it simple, in which case this recipe for the world’s easiest Margarita will keep your at-home viewing party well lubricated with minimal distraction from the game.

Something Sweet

No snackadium is complete without a hefty dose of sugar. (There are four quarters to get through, after all.) If you like a dash of salt with your sweets, singer Kelis’s chocolate chunk cookies with potato chips only take 30 minutes to prepare. Or indulge this nutty, caramel-y, brown-butter blondie that will make any dessert-lover question their brownie loyalty.

Simple Ways to Make the Super Bowl Fun For Your Entire Family

These ideas can make the entire day full of great fun!

Bring on the face paint

It’s time to paint those faces and let everyone in your family pick their favorite team! There’s something hilarious about getting all geared up for your favorite team. Don’t forget to have everyone pose and take a family picture! (Who knows, it just might be your Christmas card photo for the year!)

Head outside for a game of flag football

Who says that you have to watch football only on your TV? During the pregame show or a commercial break, grab that pigskin and head out the front door for a friendly game of flag football. It’s a great way to get active and break up the time during the game.

Bake some fun treats to decorate during the game

It’s no secret that football games aren’t short….so this means that you’ll need to find a few things to occupy the time sporadically throughout. Why not bake up some plain (yet delicious) sugar cookies and then let everyone have fun decorating them throughout the game.

Because in all reality, there are no rules about too much sugar when you’re watching one of the biggest games of the year!

Good food is a requirement for a successful Super Bowl party! Here are a few of my favorite Super Bowl party recipes:

Make a friendly wager among family members

Which team is everyone in your family rooting for? My free Super Bowl Predictions printable not only lets everyone guess what they think the final score is going to be but it gives everyone a bit of excitement and motivation to pay attention during the game as well. Click here to get your free copy!

Another way to add fun to your predications is to have a friendly wager for the person who guesses the closest. Make up a winning trophy stuffed full of candy, a small monetary prize, or something else fun and then have your own MVP ceremony at the end to present it!

Here are a few fun indoor Super Bowl games that are sure to be a hit with your family:

As you can tell, it’s not that hard to make Super Bowl Sunday an event that everyone in the family will enjoy! These simple but fun family-friendly ideas and activities will have everyone excited about the big game!

Does your family have Super Bowl traditions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

SHAQ invades Miami for the greatest Super Bowl party ever. Dubbed “SHAQ’S Fun House”, this event will be an epic carnival themed musical extravaganza.

Well, we knew the night’s music and entertainment would feature some of the biggest names in hip-hop and EDM but it’s even better than we thought. The lineup contains hip-hop stars Diddy, Pitbull, and prominent DJs Diplo, Carnage, and Tiesto who’ll perform alongside Shaq (aka DJ Diesel) himself!

Expect iconic Miami cuisine. Shaq is also collaborating with high-end steakhouse STK, Coyo Taco, Pubbelly Sushi, and Knaus Berry Farms to create gourmet bites that are sure to please. Cocktails will be carefully imagined by the best mixologists and there will be a complimentary open bar and premium options for those who want to splurge.

Shaqs Fun House Will Include:

Diddy, Diplo, Pitbull, Tiesto, Carnage, Diesel, DaBaby and more
The Fun House Experience
This party stays true to the Shaq Experience with carnival attractions and dozens of interactive circus performers.
All-Inclusive Open Bar
Enjoy a 6 hour premium Open Bar.
Premium Dining Experience
Complimentary bites from STK, Coyo Taco, Pubbelly Sushi, Papa John’s, Knaus Berry Farm, and many more!
Wynn Nightlife VIP Tables Include
Reserved VIP table with dedicated Bottle Service located on Wynn’s exclusive VIP multi-level platform, premium main stage views, fast entrance lane, dedicated VIP premium open bar, premium passed foods, carnival rides & games.
VIP Tickets Include
Access to the Fun House, Fast VIP entrance lane. Lounge seating, VIP-Only foods and Premium Open Bars.
GA Tickets Include
Includes admission, premium open bars, unlimited gourmet bites, carnival rides & games.
Add Ons
Shaq Meet & Greet
Ages : 21+ only

Super Bowl LIII: Take advantage of super deals without caring about the big game

For Super Bowl LIII, food and drink specials abound at Delmarva bars and restaurants for the big game. Salisbury Daily Times

As Super Bowl LIII kicks off this Sunday, most households outside of New England and Los Angeles don't have much to cheer about.

However, even if you have no preferred winner, you can still take advantage of food and alcohol deals. And who doesn't want those?

You and your guests can indulge in discounted food and drink while only tuning in to the show's halftime show, Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl or Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl. And maybe check the Super Bowl's score at the two-minute warning of the fourth quarter.

Delmarva Now complied some of Delmarva's Super Bowl deals. Now all you have to do is pick your favorite deal and place your order.

Americans eat over 1 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday. (Photo: Buffalo Wild Wings)

How to Celebrate Super Bowl LV in Springfield

Super Bowl LV kicks off this Sunday at 5:30 p.m. between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and The Weeknd will rock the stage at half-time. Don't have plans? Take a peek at what's going on in Springfield, Missouri.

By Krysten Muench

How Do You Plan to Watch the Game?

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to their second straight Super Bowl to battle it out against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We've rounded up some of our favorite watch parties happening this Sunday as well as plenty of options for ordering-in and watching the big game from the comfort of your own home.

No matter how you decide to watch this weekend, please make sure to stick to the rules about physical distancing, hygiene and mask-wearing. All events are highly subject to change right now, so please make sure you double check event pages for dates and times. If you know about anything that isn’t on this page, please let us know here.