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11 Sexy Slider Recipes

11 Sexy Slider Recipes

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Slide these your way for a great time

Sliders — they're the perfect party food and as popular as ever. And it's no wonder: Sliders allow indecisive and non-committal nibblers to mix and match flavors without indulging too much. After all, sometimes a full-sized burger is just too much when you just want to have a bite of this and a bite of that. Did you pick up a slider that doesn't quite tickle your fancy? No problem. Just pick up something else; because you don't end up throwing out a whole burger, you won't have to feel guilty.

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While there are several versions of the story behind the origin of the slider, much like there are for other famous foods like the banana split, mac and cheese, and even mayonnaise, one popular version has it that two friends, Walt Anderson, a cook, and Billy Ingram, an insurance broker, got together to create a hamburger and dubbed it a "Slyder," which later simply became the White Castle slider we know and love today. Regardless of how you may feel about their sliders — love them or hate them — without their inspiration we might not have the seed for the creations we enjoy today.

Will Budiaman is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @WillBudiaman.

Fried Chicken Sliders with Pickles + Slaw

If you’ve been hanging out on What’s Gaby Cooking for a few years, you probably know that when it comes to fried food, it’s an occasional indulgence for me, which means when it IS on the menu it’s gotta be awesome. These Fried Chicken Sliders are the perfect example of that! Buttermilk marinated chicken that’s coated with plenty of herbs and spices, then fried to perfection and sandwiched between a slider bun and topped with pickle ribbons and slaw. It’s utter perfection.

It’s a great one for entertaining too because fried chicken is awesome served hot, warm or at room temperature. Which means that you can spend more time hanging with your friends and family than slaving away in the kitchen. To make things even more exciting I sliced some ribbons of my favorite Farmer’s Garden by Vlasic pickles and then added a bit of the pickle juice into my go-to summer slaw. It’s a combination made in heaven!

Cheeseburger Slider Ingredients

The ingredients to make these Hawaiian Roll cheeseburger sliders you will need the basics for a juicy, onion flavored burger. These are loose meat sliders instead of pattie sliders. However, these ingredients could easily be used to patty the ingredients together.

The ingredients you will need to make these hamburger sliders are:

  • ground beef
  • onion soup seasoning
  • mayonnaise
  • Hawaiian Rolls - mini bagels would work too.
  • shredded cheese - sliced cheese will work as well
  • butter
  • sesame seeds

What do cosmos taste like?

Cosmos are sweet with a touch of tang from lime. They taste of cranberry juice with orange (from the Cointreau), and though there’s a considerably slug of alcohol in it with equal parts alcohol to non alcohol, you can’t taste it very much. They are dangerously drinkable!

The Pioneer Woman Recipes

1. Sausage Pancakes on Sticks

Have you ever wished that you could have a filling breakfast on the go? If so, then your wish might have just come true with this recipe.

Basically, you have a linked sausage, covered in pancake batter on a stick that looks very similar to a corn dog. Then you can dip it in delicious syrup for a fast, filling, and portable breakfast.

2. Cheeseburger Salad

Just because The Pioneer Woman obviously likes to cook heavier home style food doesn’t mean that she still can’t come up with a heck of a salad.

So in this case, the salad is a cheeseburger salad. However, the croutons are homemade from sesame seed buns. That way you can get the full cheeseburger feel of it while still getting plenty of veggies.

3. Billie’s Italian Cream Cake

I love a good cake just like the next person, but this cake looks absolutely divine. The actual recipe is said to be very easy, and the ingredients look pretty simple.

Then you get to the delicious homemade cream cheese based frosting. It also contains nuts to put the perfect ending on this delicious cake.

4. Buffalo Chicken Sliders

If we have a weakness around my house it is probably sliders. My kids love them because they are easy and portable.

Then you add buffalo chicken in the mix (which my husband loves), and you have a winner of a meal around my home. Maybe this one will be a great choice for your family, too!

5. The Best Homemade Pancakes

Pancakes are a big deal around my house. They are an easy make ahead breakfast that my children can pop in the microwave to warm up on a busy morning.

But you need a solid recipe to make them ahead of time or just for a typical breakfast meal. This recipe could be that go-to recipe that you’ve been looking for.

6. Cashew Chicken

I never knew how much I loved cashew chicken until one of my friends made it for me. I am a sucker for putting nuts in my food. It really amps up a dish.

So when I saw this recipe by Pioneer Woman for cashew chicken, I knew that everyone would love it. Which means it had to make the list of some of her best recipes.

7. Chicken Parmigiana

Do you love chicken parmigiana? I know I do! I don’t get to eat it as much now because of my developed gluten allergy.

But when I cheat, this would definitely be a meal worth cheating with. So if you love pasta, sauce, chicken, and cheese, then you’ll want to check out this recipe.

8. Pretty Yummy Fruit Salad

Are you in the mood for something bright, beautiful, and fresh? If so, then you’re going to love this fruit salad.

So it is filled with a colorful array of fresh fruits. Then you make a delicious homemade syrup to sweeten it up and pour over top.

9. Pioneer Woman Garlic Cheese Bread

Wow! If you would like a home run worthy side to go with your pasta night, then you should definitely consider this recipe.

Basically, it is delicious homemade garlic bread that is smothered in melted cheese. I could make a meal out of the bread alone.

10. Caramel Apple Pie

This pie looks gorgeous and sinful all at the same time. It begins as a typical apple pie. You have your crust and some granny smith apples in the middle.

But the top is what makes it so unique and delicious. It has brown sugar, oats, and nuts which make it look like a pecan pie. Then it is covered in caramel sauce.

11. Ribeye Steaks with Cowboy Butter

I love steaks with butter smothered on top. It does something to really amp up the flavor. You’ll have to make the cowboy butter in advance as it has lots of added flavor.

Then you’ll prepare the steaks per the recipe. Finally, you top the steaks with a big dollop of the cowboy butter. It will make your mouth water just looking at it.

12. Pioneer Woman’s Sweet Potatoes

I have really developed a fondness for sweet potatoes lately. They are full of good vitamins, and they taste amazing.

So when I saw this recipe for sweet potatoes I knew I had to share it because it definitely makes sweet potatoes all the more yummy.

13. Salisbury Steak

Salisbury steak is probably one of my favorite ways to fix beef. I love onions, gravy, and beef. So for me, it is an amazing combination.

But this recipe really amps up the flavors. She adds so many different (though basic) ingredients to the recipe. It sounds delicious!

14. Steak Fingers with Gravy

If you like chicken fingers, then you’ll definitely want to check out this recipe. She basically takes a steak and chops it into finger lengths.

Then she breads and fries the fingers. Finally, the meal is finished off with a delicious homemade country gravy meant for dipping.

15. Italian Drip Beef

Are you looking for a simple, delicious, homemade meal that would work on a weeknight? If so, then you’ll want to tune into this recipe.

So you take all of the ingredients and place them in a crock pot to allow them to cook. When done, you can place it on bread and melt cheese over it for a filling meal.

16. Salted Caramel Cheesecake Squares

Do you love cheesecake? Do you love caramel? How about if it could all come in one neat little package as a finger food?

Well, then you’ll want to check out this recipe because that is exactly what you get. It sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

17. Braised Beef Brisket

This beef brisket looks really easy to make. You make a mixture to marinade the meat in, and then allow it to sit in the fridge for 24-48 hours.

Then when you are ready to cook it, you pop it in the oven and allow it to cook low and slow. That is all there is to it.

18. Pioneer Woman’s Homemade Ranch Dressing

I don’t know about you, but I love ranch dressing. It is absolutely delicious, and it goes well on more than just lettuce.

So if you’d like an easy and tasty ranch recipe that you can always depend on, then you should definitely check this one out.

19. The Best Coffee Cake Ever

Are you looking for a simple cake to be a sweet breakfast or a nice accompaniment to a cup of coffee and friends?

If so, then you need to check out this delicious yet simple coffee cake recipe. It would work well in either of those situations.

20. White Chicken Enchiladas

I love Mexican cuisine. It is literally my weakness. That is why I had to share this recipe because I knew if anyone else out there loved Mexican cuisine like I do, then you’d want to know about it.

So this recipe calls for a lot of cheese, jalapenos for a little spice, and delicious chicken. Then it is all baked together to form a magnificent dish.

The BEST Ham and Swiss Sliders

If you like ham, cheese and butter then you will love this super delicious Ham and Swiss Sliders recipe because it’s so easy to make and tastes seriously amazing. Made with Hawaiian Sweet Rolls, Deli Ham, Swiss Cheese and tons of butter, everyone will be asking for this recipe.

If you need an easy and delicious comfort food dish for tailgating, holiday parties or potlucks, then go ahead and whip up a batch of these delicious Ham and Swiss Sliders. I’ve made them several times and my baking dish always comes back clean. Everyone will be asking you for this recipe because they are just so amazingly good.

Trust me, set these out at a party and they will be gone in a matter of minutes. These Ham and Swiss Sliders also make a great gift for a new mom. Just pair them with a salad and you’ve got a delicious meal to bless a friend. These sliders are best served warm. They can be reheated the next day, but will be mushier. They are best right out of the oven.

25 Hearty Hot Sandwiches That Are Perfect Any Time of the Day

Sandwiches are mealtime staples. Often easy to make and short on prep time, the simple formula of two slices of bread, a protein or two, and your favorite condiments can result in so many different dishes. While we love the simplicity of a cold sandwich, there's something to be said for a deliciously satisfying hot sandwich. From protein-packed creations to vegetable melts that will have your mouth watering, we're sharing some of our favorite hot sandwich recipes to elevate your breakfast, lunch, or dinner routine.

Our extensive hot sandwich offerings include recipes featuring chicken, pork, fish, vegetables, and steak. For the steak lover, put together the Steak-and-Avocado Sandwich that's seen here. It features an easy-to-make skirt steak and a homemade bean spread, it's topped with avocado and hot sauce, and it comes together in under an hour. If you're looking for a fish option, look no further than our Grilled Salt-Rubbed Fish Sandwich. Mahi-mahi fillets are rubbed with salt, thyme, and lemon zest before hitting the grill. Homemade tartar sauce and a soft hoagie roll finish off this summertime hot sandwich favorite.

We have plenty of vegetarian sandwiches to choose from as well. Try our Eggplant and Mozzarella Melt for a rich garlic-infused treat. Or make our Portobello, Broccoli, and Red-Pepper Melts for a colorful, quick, and easy meal. It only takes 30 minutes to come together and uses a broiler to caramelize the vegetables and melt the gouda for a delectable recipe.

From classics like the Rueben to newfound favorites like pizza sandwiches, explore some of our top creations that make for a tasty meal, no matter the time of day.

White Castle Sliders

Like I said above these are the copycat version of White Castle Sliders. But let’s just say they might not be exactly the same. I can testify because I can’t remember what the original tastes like.

What I will say is that these are great – White Castle or not. Last time I served these was after an epic long day. One of those days when we were gone the whole day and we all came home starving.

Luckily I had prepped these the night before so all I had to do was pop these in the oven for 15 minutes and we were ready to eat.

I think the original sandwich has raw white onions on top but I brown the onion with the meat because I’ve found that most people prefer that.

This can make anywhere between 24-40 sandwiches depending on the size of the sliders you use.

I like when you individually wrap them in aluminum foil but you can also just wrap the whole pan in foil just to make sure the tops don’t get too brown.

I’m not a huge pickle person but I will say that you MUST add a pickle here. They make the sandwich.

Keeping your recipe clear and colorless can add a scientific component to your slime. Children can mix in beads, buttons, or any other bits to explore their way through various textures and surfaces. Encourage kids to stretch their slime to transparency and view objects through it for a tactile update to a kaleidoscope.

Episode 8: Hot Dogs

Let's talk about hot dogs—a fan's favorite, fun, barbecued treat. "Sometimes, it's about taking something that is so classic, and just adding a tiny, little element of making it something that is special," says Antoni. In this episode, Antoni was showing a firefighter how to fancy up his hot dogs with just a few simple steps. This firefighter was no chef in the kitchen, so not only was this dish easy, but it was also pretty practical.

Antoni whipped up two different hot dogs: a sweet and sour hot dog and a crunchy, spicy hot dog. Hot dog one is topped with thinly cut pickled carrots and a honey Dijon mustard sauce. The pickled carrots you can buy at a grocery store, and the sauce is simple. All you've got to do is combined Dijon and honey in a bowl!

The second hot dog is loaded with mayo and chipotle adobo. Mix the two together and add some regular ridged chips right on top of the sauce and hot dog. Not too impractical! If you're ever throwing a barbecue, whip up these treats and your friends will definitely be coming back for more.

I swear, no shade towards Antoni. Some of his meals were a little bit impractical, but I can overlook that. And there's always a way to make a difficult meal a little more amateur-friendly. This show is funny, cute, and so entertaining. On a lazy day, whip up some of these meals as you binge-watch "Queer Eye." Invite your friends over, have a feast, and everyone can choose a dish to make and then you can all watch the show together. Food, wine, and lounging. I don't know about you, but that definitely sounds like the perfect party to me.