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Spring Story Cake

Spring Story Cake

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For a start, I worked on the fondant flowers in various colors for an hour, then I put them in the fridge. I also made some milk chocolate ornaments, melted with chocolate fondue.


Separate eggs. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they froth, add the sugar and continue beating until the foam hardens. Gradually add the yolks, baking powder, flour and walnuts and mix well. The composition is placed in a round pan, on a baking sheet, and baked for 30-35 minutes.


Put on the fire the bowl with water, sugar, orange peel (from the one kept in sugar to the jar) and boil for about 5 minutes.

After the top and the syrup have cooled, cut the top into two parts (the base must be thicker than the lid) and syrup it.

Butter cream:

Mix the butter well with the sugar, the seeds from half of the vanilla pods, cocoa, coffee until a consistent cream is obtained. Fill the cake with butter cream, taking care to stop a spoonful of cream for a few decorative flowers.

The set:

Beat the liquid cream with the mixer until it hardens, but do not beat it too much, so that it does not shrink in the refrigerator.

Dress the cake in whipped cream and garnish with whipped cream and sugar flowers. I also had some white chocolate flowers, which I put in the middle. You will notice that they have different textures: the sugar flowers are more glossy.

Good appetite!

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