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When preparing the savarins, we will do it as follows: first, the yeast and sugar will be dissolved in 50 ml of milk, after which it will be added over the flour. Then add the rest of the milk, beaten eggs, salt and oil mixing with a spoon, thus forming a soft composition. Allow the composition to rise until it doubles in volume.

As the dough grows, we prepare the forms for the savarines (in my case they are muffins), greasing them with oil and then they will be well covered with flour.

After the dough is risen, take it with a spoon and fill the forms halfway, then let them rise for about 20 minutes in the forms. Put them in a well-heated oven for 25 minutes until they turn brown on top and then let them cool.

While the savarins are baking, prepare the syrup: boil the water with the sugar and then add the essence.

When the savarins are cold, cut the lid and syrup very well. Separately, we will beat the cream with the sugar until we obtain the whipped cream with which we will fill the savarins, placing the lid on each one. I also added whipped cream on the lid, having nothing better in the house.

They will be left to cool until the next day so that the syrup enters the savarines well.

Enjoy your meal!

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