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Grilled watermelon

Grilled watermelon

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Grilled Watermelon Recipe of 08-15-2019

L'grilled watermelon it is a recipe that amazed me for its particularity. I've read around that it can also be prepared in a sweet version, but honestly after tasting this version with basil and goat cheese I doubt I'll ever try it. That's because grilled watermelon tastes like nothing less than ... pepper! Yes, I was definitely surprised too: P Anyway, this savory variant is very good and I think I'll try it again soon!
Now it's up to you to try this unusual appetizer maybe today, to bring something unusual to the table mid-August lunch. Please, then challenge your guests to guess what dish it is, I always have a lot of fun making this little game at my house: P


How to make grilled watermelon

Peel the watermelon slices, heat a grill pan and grill for 1 minute on each side.

The grilled watermelon is ready, add the goat cheese and basil, season with salt, oil and pepper and serve.

Video: How to make Smoked Watermelon HAM! (June 2022).


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