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Lemon vortex cake

Lemon vortex cake

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Lemon Vortex Cake Recipe of 26-03-2018 [Updated on 04-06-2018]

There lemon vortex cake is a recipe that I got from the chiarapassion blog, the dough seemed soft and fragrant and the icing and decorations were really chic. In short, it is the type of dessert that conquers me at first glance, so much so that I immediately ran to buy the right mold and to make the recipe to be able to publish it on the blog. The enthusiasm, however, turned out to be a great disappointment because, at the time of unmolding the cake, despite having meticulously buttered and floured the mold (even if theoretically there would be no need for it with silicone molds), I broke into several parts thus losing all the "vortex" effect!
After cursing in Aramaic and being disheartened by the failure, I shared a picture of my shapeless cake on Facebook, and to my surprise I found support from so many people who had had the same bad experience with this silicone mold as me. It was a real debate and I was given several tips, from using a cake remover, or cold water, to taking the mold and throwing it off the balcony: P
By now it had become a matter of principle, so I decided to try again using the same recipe and the same procedure I did the first time. This time the cake turned out perfectly!
Summing up, I realized that the mold probably needed a first use, perhaps empty, to become non-stick. I then completed the mission, made a raspberry icing and finally served my lemon swirl cake with a 48-tooth smile: D


How to make lemon swirl cake

Begin to combine the eggs with the sugar and whip until the mixture is puffy and frothy.
Then add the oil, the juice and the grated lemon peel.

Then add the two flours, a pinch of salt and the yeast.
Mix the ingredients by hand, with a whisk.

Once the mold is greased and floured well, pour the dough into it.
Bake the donut in a preheated static oven at 170 ° C for 35-40 minutes.
Then let it cool before turning it upside down on a serving dish.

Now prepare the glaze, melt the butter and let it cool.
Then mix it with the raspberry juice and icing sugar.

Decorate your lemon swirl cake with icing, a sprinkle of powdered sugar and berries.

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