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Fried spaghetti pizzas

Fried spaghetti pizzas

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Recipe Fried spaghetti pizzas of 01-09-2017 [Updated on 01-09-2017]

Fried spaghetti pizzas are a super tasty and different first course of pasta. The recipe involves the simple cooking of spaghetti which, once drained and prepared in the shape of a nest, will be fried and stuffed with fresh cherry tomatoes, ricotta and basil.
If you are thinking of organizing a party with a buffet or you want to bring a different preparation to the table then you just have to write down this recipe which, quick and inviting, you will certainly prepare many more times.
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How to make fried spaghetti pizzas

Cook the pasta in a pot with boiling salted water.
After draining it, let it dry on absorbent paper and then transfer it to parchment paper to let it cool.
Now take a string of spaghetti at a time to form the pizzas.

Create nests with spaghetti, rolling them on themselves.

Beat the eggs with a little salt on a plate and also prepare the breadcrumbs.
Pass the pizzas, delicately, first in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs.

Fry them now in a saucepan with boiling oil and place them on absorbent paper once they are golden.

Rinse the cherry tomatoes and cut them into small pieces.
Arrange the spaghetti pizzas on a serving dish and stuff them with the cherry tomatoes.

Complete your fried spaghetti pizzas with a little ricotta, salt and basil.

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