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Beer muffins

Beer muffins

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Beer muffin recipe by of 27-08-2014 [Updated on 07-08-2017]

The beer muffins surprised me, I thought it was a gamble to replace the milk entirely with the same amount of beer, I was afraid it would feel too much and therefore compromise the recipe, but curiosity prompted me to try it anyway and this time went well;) The savory muffins with beer and bacon were soft, fragrant and pleasant, the alcohol in cooking evaporated leaving only a pleasant aftertaste that went perfectly with the pieces of bacon present in the dough. After making the birramisu and then the bread and in the past, having fallen in love with the chicken always made with beer, I will also include this recipe among the best ones using my beloved beer, if you like the genre, try the recipe and let me know; ) Bye Bye.


How to make beer muffins

Video: Introduction to No-Knead Beer Bread . Artisan Yeast Beer Bread (June 2022).


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