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White chocolate and almond muffins

White chocolate and almond muffins

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White chocolate and almond muffin recipe of 18-11-2009 [Updated 09-05-2018]

These white chocolate almond muffins are the latest muffin recipe I've come up with. I really wanted a nice soft almond cake to taste with tea and since I like the combination of almonds and white chocolate a lot, I thought of melting everything into a single dessert creating these really delicious muffins! Those who are subscribed to Misya's recipe group on Facebook have already seen the photos of these muffins with white chocolate and almonds ... today, however, here is the complete recipe with photos of all the steps even if the procedure is always to prepare the muffins the same ... work the dry and wet ingredients separately and then combine them to create a single compound. A kiss to all those who pass by: *


How to make white chocolate and almond muffins

Procedure for preparing white chocolate and almond muffins

In a bowl, mix the flours with the sugar, vanilla and yeast.

Add the chocolate cut into small pieces (I recommend, very small pieces otherwise the chocolate will all fall on the bottom) and mix the mixture with a wooden spoon

Separately in a larger bowl, mix the eggs with the milk and the melted butter

Pour the dry ingredients into the moist and mix the white chocolate muffin dough

Arrange the paper cups in the aluminum ones, place them all on a baking sheet
Pour the mixture into the muffin molds until it reaches the height of the paper cup.

Decorate each white chocolate muffin with a few slices of almond

Bake the muffins in a preheated oven and bake at 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes, until they are golden brown

Allow to cool, remove the white chocolate and almond muffins from the aluminum cups and serve

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