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Venere rice arancini

Venere rice arancini

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Venere di rice arancini recipe of 13-12-2018

The arancini of black rice they are a variant of the classic and very famous Sicilian rice arancini. Besides being very tasty, these arancini have an inviting and colorful "heart", mainly due to the contrast of the rice of venus black with green peas. During the preparation phase you can choose whether to give your arancini the typical spherical or conical shape, I opted for the sphere one which is certainly easier to do by hand.
Since December 13th is the day of Saint Lucia, and in Palermo they eat the arancine, for the occasion I wanted to propose an alternative version, I hope you will appreciate: P So let's come to us, here are the useful steps to make the rice balls Venus.


How to make arancini with Venere rice

Cook the Venere rice in boiling salted water.
Drain it and let it cool in a bowl.
Then add the grated Parmesan and mix.

Cook the peas in a pan with extra virgin olive oil.
This will take about 10 minutes or until the peas have softened.
Once ready, let them cool.

Incorporate an egg into the rice and cut the pecorino into cubes.
Spread some rice in the palm of your hand lightly greased with oil and put peas and pecorino cheese in the center.

Then shape the arancini.
Pass them in the beaten eggs with a little salt and then in the breadcrumbs

Heat the seed oil in a saucepan and fry the arancini a little at a time until golden brown.
Lift them and place them on absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

Your arancini of Venere rice are ready to be served.

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