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Lemon granita

Lemon granita

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The lemon granita is a fresh and thirst-quenching dessert ideal to serve after meals during the summer. Making a perfect lemon granita without an ice cream maker is not obvious, but with this Sicilian recipe I succeeded in the enterprise and I got a fabulous result;) The only care you need to have is to choose beautiful organic lemons from which you will have to grate the peel and break the ice crystals every hour, then the rest comes by itself. Friends greet you and wish you a sweet weekend; *


How to make lemon granita

Wash the limons, cut them in half and extract the juice. Then strain and put it in a container

Add the sugar.
Also add the water and finally the grated peel.

Mix well, until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Pour into an ice cream tub and place in the freezer.

Leave to rest in the freezer for at least 4-6 hours.

Every 30 minutes or so, take the tray back to break the ice crystals that will form.

Then scratch the surface with a spoon and serve the lemon granita in glasses.

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