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Penne with Prawns in a Garlic Tomato Sauce recipe

Penne with Prawns in a Garlic Tomato Sauce recipe

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Tomatoes and onions are sautéed with garlic and wine, tossed with prawns, and served with pasta in this quick and easy mid-week meal.

261 people made this

IngredientsServes: 8

  • 1 (500g) pack penne pasta
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • 6 cloves garlic, chopped
  • 4 tablespoons white wine
  • 2 (400g) tins chopped tomatoes
  • 500g (1 1/4 lb) prawns, peeled and deveined
  • 100g (4 oz) grated Parmesan cheese

MethodPrep:10min ›Cook:25min ›Ready in:35min

  1. Cook penne according to package instructions; drain.
  2. Heat the oil in a frying pan over medium heat. Stir in onion and garlic, and cook until onion is tender. Mix in wine and tomatoes, and continue cooking 10 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  3. Mix prawns into the frying pan, and cook 5 minutes, or until opaque. Toss with pasta and top with Parmesan cheese to serve.

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very easy.Pasta is extremely versatile. try it.-14 Nov 2008

I found this,a bit bland.Added seasoning,but still felt it lacked something.Nevertheless it's easy,and complete with garlic bread it's ok.-17 Feb 2015

by Sky

This was quite a good base, but I modified it a bit. I used only 1 can of tomatoes, doubled the garlic and wine (so I simmered it a little while longer - uncovered - to boil off some liquid. About 20 minutes all together). I also added basil and crushed red pepper while sauteing the onion and garlic... this added to the flavor a lot. Very easy to make and really delicious. I will definitely make it again. Thanks for the recipe!-25 Jan 2007

Penne with Prawns in a Garlic Tomato Sauce recipe - Recipes

Wednesday Wellness! Yes… towards a healthier lifestyle and cooking by incorporating more nutritious ingredients in my daily meals. Tadah… and here is my Spicy Penne Pasta with Tiger Prawns using ELAIESE Red Palm Fruit Oil. It’s not any ordinary oil, it is a superfood that is rich with Phytosterols, pro Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and more. Let’s check out my recipe!

Recipe: Spicy Penne Pasta with Tiger Prawns using Elaiese Red Palm Fruit Oil

Recipe: Spicy Penne Pasta with Tiger Prawns with Elaiese Red Palm Fruit Oil

Ingredients: Spicy Penne Pasta with Tiger Prawns with Elaiese Red Palm Fruit Oil

Elaiese Red Palm Fruit Oil

1. Cook the penne pasta for 10 minutes in a large pan of boiling, salted water, and add a teaspoon of Elaiese Red Palm Fruit Oil.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of Elaiese Red Palm Fruit Oil on the frying pan, add garlic, onions, chilli, and pasta sauce.

3. Add the cooked penne pasta and cherry tomatoes and then add tiger prawns. Cooked till the prawns change color to orange and then sprinkle some parsley. Its ready to be served!

Spicy Penne Pasta with Tiger Prawns Recipe using Elaiese Red Palm Fruit Oil

ELAIESE Red Palm Fruit Oil is a superfood that rich in phytonutrients, pro Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and many more.

ELAIESE Red Palm Fruit Oil is naturally rich in phytonutrients, Vitamin E Tocotrienols, potent antioxidant to boost immune health, phytosterols, Pro-Vitamin A, and natural source of beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and lycopene for vision protection, UV protection, reduction of oxidation damage.

Imagine just a drizzle of ELAIESE is perfect for boosting immunity and protecting against oxidative stress due to its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits for one and all in the family.

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How to riff on this spicy tomato pasta recipe

  • Swap the proteins. No Italian sausage? Substitute andouille, chorizo, ground chicken, ground turkey, or your favorite meatballs. This pasta is also good topped with grilled shrimp or prawns! If you’re feeling fancy, you can opt for multiple proteins – grilled or sautéed shrimp, chicken, and/or any type of sausage go well together in this dish.
  • Dial up the veggies. Use this spicy tomato pasta sauce as a blank canvas for your favorite veggies, greens, and proteins. Add diced bell peppers or sliced mushrooms when you sauté the garlic and onion. Stir in steamed or roasted broccoli, roasted squash, or frozen peas when you add the tomato sauce. Add chopped kale, spinach, or arugula towards the end of cooking for a pop of green.
  • Bake it! This spicy sausage pasta is SO good as a baked dish. Cook the pasta and sauce in an oven-safe pot (we love a good Dutch oven!) top with a few handfuls of mozzarella cheese, and bake at 375 degrees Fahrenheit until the cheese bubbles (15-20 minutes is usually plenty if the pasta is already hot – just keep an eye on it!)

Penne a la Betsy!

This pasta has an unbeatable combination of shrimp, tomato sauce, cream, garlic, wine and herbs. It&rsquos simple, flavorful, and whomever you make it for will pledge their eternal admiration and support for you.

Penne Or Mostaciolli, Cooked Al Dente

Jumbo Shrimp, Peeled And Deveined (can Use 1 1/2 Pounds If You'd Like It Chunkier)

Heavy Cream (can Use 1/2 Cup For A Less Creamy Dish)

Heat butter and oil in a large skillet over medium to medium-high heat. Add the shrimp and cook for a couple minutes, stirring, until just opaque. Remove them from heat and let them cool for a few minutes. When cool enough to handle, slice the shrimp in half (or chop them if you prefer) and set them aside.

To the same skillet, add the onion and garlic and sauté, stirring occasionally, for 3 minutes. After the garlic Pour in the wine and let it reduce for a few minutes, stirring occasionally. (If you would rather not use wine, you can use low-sodium chicken broth or seafood broth instead.)

Add the tomato sauce and stir well until combined. Cook for 3 minutes, then stir in the heavy cream. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the shrimp, then turn heat down to low and let simmer for a couple of minutes.

Stir in the pasta, then add torn basil on top and serve!

Can add Parmesan cheese if desired.

Ah, is there anything sweeter on earth than having your little sister visit? Mine&rsquos visiting this week, which means I&rsquove totally regressed back to childhood and the water&rsquos great! We&rsquove sipped wine, laughed until we&rsquove experienced stress incontinence, and cooked until our fingers are pruney and falling off our hands. And our tummies are plump and full.

Marlboro Man had to go out of town for a couple of days, so one of the things Betsy and I made was our favorite pasta dish of all time. I taught her how to make it long, long ago, just after I&rsquod left Los Angeles. I was a food snob extraordinaire, and I decided I needed to impart all my culinary knowledge to my sister, who hadn&rsquot yet left for college. Among the many dishes I felt compelled to share with her was this pasta, made with an unbeatable combination of shrimp, tomato sauce, cream, garlic, wine and herbs. Then she left home and became a woman while I married a cattle rancher and said goodbye, essentially forever, to my beloved repertoire of gourmet cuisine.

Betsy graduated from college, lived in various big cities, and now resides in Austin, Texas with her tech-nerd husband, Matt, where she spends her days cooking all the food snob dishes I so unselfishly taught her to make so many years ago. And she calls me as she&rsquos eating them and makes me cry real tears. Then I go fry up another pork chop and get over myself.

Come along with Betsy and me as we make one of our favorites: Penne a la Betsy, as I like to call it. It&rsquos simple, flavorful, and whomever you make it for will pledge their eternal admiration and support for you. And they&rsquoll kiss your big toe.

The Cast of Characters: Shrimp, Penne (or other short pasta), butter, olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato sauce, heavy cream, parsley, basil, salt, and pepper. Brace yourselves, people. Your life&rsquos about the change for the better. And your hips for the bigger.

Just for kicks, put a pot of water on the stove to boil. This will come in handy later, when you want to cook the pasta. I tell ya, it&rsquos tips like these that&rsquoll keep you guys coming back here, I just know it.

Let&rsquos start by sauteing 1 pound of extra large shrimp. It should already be peeled and deveined.

First, give &rsquoem a good rinse under cool water.

Now heat about a tablespoon of butter and olive oil in a skillet.

And cook for a couple of minutes&hellip

Until just opaque. No need to cook the heck out of the babies.

Remove to a plate and let cool for a few.

And heck, go ahead and throw in the pasta. I use 1 pound of penne, but rigatoni or fusilli would also be divine.

Now let&rsquos chop a small onion: first, cut the onion in half from root to top.

Turn each half on its side and make long, vertical slices&hellip

Then rotate the onion 45 degrees and slice downward&hellip

Now mince two cloves of garlic: first remove two cloves of garlic from a bulb&hellip

And smash them with a heavy can or glass.

The garlic should pop right out of the papery skin.

Now begin chopping the garlic&hellipUntil it&rsquos pretty finely minced.


Great tasting low fat/calorie meal. Fresh parmesan cheese added to it before serving, gives it more flavor. Always a go to dish when dieting.

This was bland, no depth. just missing something. It was colourful and healthy but I will go to another recipe next time I feel the need for shrimp and pasta. This isn't a dish that needs any mods. no need to over think it.

I have made this several times and will be making it again tonight with a few simple mods. First of all I will blanch the plum (Roma) tomatoes and peel them before slicing. It is a minor point with only a small improvement, but it is really easy to do since you need boiling water for the pasta anyway. Why not? Fresh Marzanos instead of Romas would be fabulous in this dish, but I didn't grow them this year and I can't get them locally. And canned ones would be too soft to work correctly in this dish. The second mod is to use a 50/50 blend of baby spinach and baby arugula instead of only baby spinach. The arugula will give the dish a bit more "bite" that is somewhat lacking in the original recipe. I want to go that way to get more flavor instead of just throwing in red pepper flakes and extra garlic. Maybe someday I will use sauted rapini with a touch of anchovy instead of the baby greens and see how that works.

I use rice penne, substitute one can of tomatoes for the fresh, and double the spinach. Easy and tasty!

This was a quick, easy meal and it was pretty tasty. We didn't have any tomatoes for this round but next time we will definitely add them for flavor. We used linguine instead of penne and finished with some Parmesan. Great summer meal

I have made this as instructed and loved it as a light summer recipe. I also made the shrimp sans spinach and used it to top a frozen four cheese pizza. Savory. I would have added the spinach but I didn't have any.

Simple and good, but nothing spectacular. I, like other reviewers, substituted grape tomatoes for the plum tomatoes because they grape tomatoes have more flavor during the off-season here in NYC. The dish is definitely lacking something, and I think next time I will triple the basil and garlic, and add some red pepper flakes.

Easy and quick for a weeknight dinner, and the best part is that is was delicious and healthy. I made it as written, and finished it off with Parmesan. Will definitely make this again.

One of my favorite recipes because it's delicious and healthy. I usually add extra spinach and am a bit generous with the lemon zest and a little light on the lemon juice. Sometimes add shaved Parmesan and a drizzle of good olive oil.

Good, easy, fresh and healthy. did not wow us but will likely make again. did not add pasta water, just tossed spinach/pasta quickly after draining. i think that would have made it less appealing. if we make again, we'll likely add something to jazz up the flavor.

I searched my epicurious app for a shrimp recipe, and this one was great. I left out the spinach because I didn't have any in the frig. Quick and easy, the lemon brought out the taste of the tomatoes and shrimp. Our family gave it a giant thumbs up.

Easy, tasty dinner using what we had on hand: cherry toms, farfalle pasta (1/2 lb.), along with the remaining ingredients. Upped the EVOO by 1 T. A fresh delicious meal for a warm spring or summer evening!

Delicious and easy. I've made this twice, and I think it's better with a thin pasta like vermicelli or angel hair. Used cherry tomatoes cut in half. It's even great leftover cold!

Fabulous. Used half the amount of pasta called for, and a bit more lemon. Served 3.

Added a little bit of red pepper flakes (not too much though) when I sautéed the shrimp & garlic. Instead of plum tomatoes, I used halved cherry tomatoes. Tasty and easy.

Good and easy. Used a can of diced tomatoes, which provided plenty of juice, so didn't need the pasta water. Otherwise followed recipe. Lemon is a nice touch.

Nice pasta dish, peeled and seeded the plum tomatoes, added extra garlic (5). Fresh basil only way to go. Easy recipe.

Made this for a quick dinner with some modifications based on what I had on hand and other reviewers suggestions. Used thinly sliced chicken breast instead of shrimp, upped the garlic to 6 large cloves, use good white wine instead of pasta water, campari tomatoes rather thatn plum, and dried basil rather than fresh. Kids loved it! Hubby and I found it good but not amazing -- will add it to my regular 'weeknight' recipes.

this was great! i followed the directions (loosely) and many of the other comments. i will definitely make this again. thanks for the suggestions!

My husband and I really liked this. I used what I had on hand and it worked very very nicely. 1 pint cherry tomatoes, split in half, 4 garlic cloves, about 20 shrimp, handful of fresh basil, juice of a lemon, zest of same lemon, about 4C fresh spinach. I added a couple of shakes of hot pepper flakes into the garlic and shrimp as recommended by previous reviewer. I also took the shrimp out after it was almost cooked per previous reviewer and set aside and kept it covered (warm). Then added about 1C pinot grigio to the tomatoes, basil and lemon I cooked this mixture on high for a couple of minutes. Then added back the shrimp to the 'sauce' right before mixing together with about 3C pasta. Mixed in about 1/4 C of shredded parm before serving. Delicious! Will definitely make again. Easy, quick, healthy and yummy. What else can you ask for?!

I made this recipe tonight because I had the ingredients in the house to make it. I also had been sick for 3 days and had'nt had any thing much to eat besides broth. It was delicious, light and easy to make. I would definitely make it again. My son who hates spinach had two helpings. Thanks for the great recipe. Cece

Good recipe, easy to make and so refreshingly light. I made some alterations such as adding white wine instead of the reserved pasta liquid, added red paper flakes, grated parmesan and green onion. So quick and delicious. would definitely make again.

Would not touch a thing. Except maybe the amount of pasta water you use, depending on how saucy you want it.

Any chance you get to increase the sauce, take it (add a little extra lemon juice, add almost the whole glass of pasta water..) - the sauce is fantastic mopped up with a large handful of crusty bread. Very good.

&bull Penne with Mozzarella and Spicy Tomato Sauce: Use 1 pound fresh mozzarella, cut into 1/4-inch cubes, in place of the shrimp. Toss the cheese in at the end.

&bull Penne with Sausage and Spicy Tomato Sauce: Use grilled sausage cut into bite-size pieces in place of the shrimp. Toss the sausage into the pasta with the tomato sauce.

&bull Penne with Grilled Vegetables and Spicy Tomato Sauce: In place of the shrimp, use grilled or sautéed vegetables such as mushrooms, zucchini, eggplant, or green beans, cut into bite-size pieces. Toss the vegetables into the pasta with the sauce.

Creamy Garlic Prawns

A few years ago on Mother’s Day, I had a craving for some really creamy garlic prawns, so hubby and my youngest daughter spoilt me by cooking some for dinner.

It was so delicious, and I literally had to laugh out loud when hubby found a recipe that only required one large clove of garlic, yet he wanted it to be full of flavour so he used a whole bulb! I had to wait to see if it was the right choice… and he didn’t go wrong, it tasted perfect!

Once the prawns are peeled, this dish comes together so quickly.

Note: I have made this recipe several times since my hubby and daughter made it. It is sooooo good, and is one of my favourite dinners with crusty bread on the side. I don’t have the patience nor desire to peel prawns though, so I buy them frozen (usually when I see them on special). Frozen prawns will require a little longer in the pan to thaw and cook through, and you will find the sauce won’t be as thick when using frozen prawns.

Boil the pasta in a pan of salted water according to packet instructions (usually 10-12 mins) and drain.

Heat the oil in a heavy base frying pan, add the onion and cook gently until softened but not coloured – this should take about 5-8 mins. Stir every now and then. Add the garlic and chilli and cook for about a minute or so – no longer or it will burn and become bitter. Add the chopped tomatoes and olives, bring slowly to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about 5 mins. Remove from the heat and season to taste with salt (if necessary, as the olives are quite salty) and a little sugar.

Add the hot pasta to the spicy tomato sauce, spoon into warm pasta bowls and serve garnished
with fresh basil and a handful of freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

What does arrabbiata mean?

Arrabbiata translates as &lsquoangry&rsquo, which is perhaps why I adore this simple sauce so much. My husband maintains I am perpetually angry, I maintain I am (occasionally) merely aggravated!

Arrabbiata is basically a marinara sauce made with tomatoes, onions, garlic and herbs. The &lsquoangry&rsquo part comes from the addition of chilli flakes in the sauce which gives it a nice spicy kick.

Arrabbiata sauce is vegan but you can also load it with lots of added extras like peppers, eggplant, chicken, sausages, bacon, shrimp etc.

Prawn pasta or should that be shrimp pasta&hellip

I like to imagine transatlantic couples having this argument &ndash &lsquoshall we have shrimp penne all&rsquoarrabbiata tonight darling?&rsquo Not unless you mean prawns my love&rsquo.

Even though prawns and shrimp are not actually the same thing, &lsquoprawns&rsquo is commonly used in the UK and Australia and &lsquoshrimp&rsquo in North America. In this recipe I have used raw king prawns = shrimp scampi in the US.

Brown Rice Penne in Spicy Tomato sauce with Prawns

Just came back from Rome and went straight to the kitchen to cook some pasta haha The conclusion is – we definitely didn’t have enough pasta during our stay in Italy and I just had to do something about it!

I am sure you guys will LOVE this easy pasta recipe, done in 20min, perfect for quick and healthy lunch or dinner using gluten-free brown rice penne. Not that I’m avoiding gluten, but I just love trying out new products. This is a really great alternative to your regular pasta, the flavour is not too strong and I’m pretty sure my husband will not even notice the difference :) The secret is in this delicious spicy tomato sauce!!

Ingredients for 2 people

200g raw prawns
200g brown rice pasta
6-8 sun-dried tomatoes (chopped)
200g canned tomatoes
1/2 brown onion/shallot (chopped)
2 garlic cloves (chopped)
1tsp red wine vinegar
1 pinch sugar
1 pinch oregano
olive oil
chilli flakes
grated parmesan
fresh basil


1. Heat 2 tbsp olive oil in a large frying pan, add the chopped onion and garlic, fry over medium heat for 2min before adding chopped sun-dried tomatoes, oregano and a pinch or two of chili flakes (depending on how spicy you like your sauce! ) Fry for another 2-3min.
2. Add the chopped tomatoes from the can, sugar and vinegar. Simmer over low heat for 15min.
3. In the meantime cook your pasta al dente following the package instructions, don’t forget to preserve a bit of that pasta water to loosen the tomato sauce in the end.
4. 2min before the sauce is done add prawns, a splash of pasta water and fresh basil, season well with salt and pepper and cook for 2-3min until the prawns are pink. Add cooked penne, toss and serve with more fresh basil and freshly grated parmesan! YUM :D