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Everything Important That Happened in Food in 2013 (Slideshow)

Everything Important That Happened in Food in 2013 (Slideshow)

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Way too many stories made the headlines this year. We've condensed it for you

ElBulli’s Continued Presence

Sure, the legendary restaurant shut its doors some two years ago, but the name still lingers with Ferran Adrià’s Bullipedia plans, the elBulli Foundation, and oh yeah, that epic seven-year anthology recipe book out next year. Let’s not forget all the movies, too.

Paula Deen

Remember this scandal? First in a deposition, Deen admitted to using racial slurs in her life, plus making racist jokes, causing a ton of sponsors (including Food Network) to drop the cooking star. Of course, supporters were angered, the lawsuit was dropped, and now Deen is slowly making her way back into the spotlight.

Dominique Ansel

This was the year Ansel amazed everyone with the Cronut (and spawned a ton of Cronut knockoffs), not to mention the magic soufflé and some breakfast cereal. Our sweet teeth have yet to be satisfied, however.

Living Wage Campaign

Fast-food workers held strikes across the nation, asking big companies like McDonald’s and Domino’s to start paying them $15 an hour. No company has taken the bait so far, but the rallies continue.

Big Food Buys More Big Food

Tips for Jesus

An anonymous group of do-gooders have decided to drop big money for servers across the country. Some people speculated it was former PayPal vice president Jack Selby leaving $1,000 tips, or $5,000 tips everywhere, but that was never proven (plus, the group definitely needs more than one operator for cover the cities).

Horse Meat

First the EU found traces of horsemeat in packaged products marked as all beef (including Ikea meatballs!), then they found that horses used for research were also sold illegally for butchering. And stateside, horse slaughterhouses might get back to work after a ban was lifted. Black Beauty is not happy.

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