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Mixed Up Garden Snacks

Mixed Up Garden Snacks

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Here is an easy and fun way to encourage kids to eat their fruits and veggies. It takes minutes to put together but you will score major points with the younger crowd!MORE+LESS-


sheets green tissue paper

Your favorite fruits and veggies, in bite-sized pieces

Peter Rabbit mixed-Up Garden cards

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    Fill cupcake or mini-muffin tins with various fruits and veggies.

  • 2

    Cover with a sheet of green tissue paper and tape down to secure. Two layers of tissue works best (just fold a piece in half) so no one can peek!

  • 3

    Print the Peter Rabbit Mixed-Up Garden cards, fold in half, and place with the muffin tin. You can find them for free here:

  • 4

    Let the kids dig and discover what yummy treats are in the garden.

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  • Whenever I chat with my mom friends, there’s one topic that seems to always come up: “Does anyone have ideas to get kids to eat more fruits & vegetables?” In our family, my kids like mysteries and adventures. So, if I make healthy eating a game, they will jump right in and gobble up whatever I’m serving.

    One afternoon, I “planted” a little mixed up garden for each of them and they ate every single thing—even the bean sprouts! This is such a great snack because you can put it together in minutes but will score seriously “cool mom/aunt/grandma/neighbor” points with the kiddos.

    The Mixed-Up Garden cards are free for you to download and print. Just click here!

    Here's the idea:

    The seeds got all mixed up in the garden this year and now the rabbit doesn't know what has grown in the garden! The kids can help eat the yummy treats and help the rabbit find out what they are. They dig in each hole, nibble the food, and decide what it is, using taste, smell, and sight to figure out the mystery.

    To assemble your snacks, grab mini muffin tins (I found disposable ones at our local store) and fill with your favorite fruits and veggies. You could also use regular muffin tins if you have them on hand.

    Cover with a sheet of green tissue paper and tape down to secure. Two layers of tissue works best (just fold a piece in half) so no one can peek!

    Print the Mixed Up Garden cards, fold in half, and place with the muffin tin. Let the kids "dig" and discover what yummy treats are in the "garden"!

    How cute would these be for a play-date party or for a healthy preschool snack?!

    Click here for the Mixed Up Garden Snacks recipe.

    Click here for the free printable Mixed Up Garden cards.

    What are your favorite ways to get finicky kids to eat their fruits and veggies? We want to hear them!

    Mandy Heaston is a busy mom, gourmet cook — and opera singer! Look for Mandy’s posts on Tablespoon, and check her member profile often to see what she’s cooking up.

Mixed-Up Veggies (Tourlou Tourlou)

Tourlou Tourlou* (pronounced Toodloo Toodloo) is a baked vegetable dish with a suprising sweetness. I kind of don’t want to reveal the source of the sweetness, because it comes from an ingredient many people think they don’t like. I’ve even been asked if the dish has sugar in it, but the “sugar” comes from a vegetable, one that most Americans have only ever tasted undercooked. Undercooked, this vegetable has all the taste and texture of a sponge. But cooked well, this particular vegetable melts down into a creamy sweetness. It practically turns into honey. Which vegetable is it? Go ahead and look over the ingredients, I’ll give you a minute.

Tasty Dandelion Recipes

1. Dandelion Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Pesto is famously versatile, who hasn’t had about a thousand bowls of pesto pasta in their lives? Swap out the basil for dandelion leaves and whip up a batch of this green goodness.

Change it up a bit from the usual pasta and use this pesto as an alternative pizza base sauce, or as a flavoring for chicken.

2. Golden Dandelion Tempura Blooms

I had never seen anything like this before, but now I am desperate to rush home and give it a try!

Go for a savory dip like teriyaki, pop some of your own chosen spices into the batter or change it up and go for sweet, tossing the cute little tempura flowers in sugar and cinnamon.

3. Sautéed Spicy Dandelion Greens

It doesn’t always come as an automatic reaction to sauté greens, but it makes for an interesting alternative to a regular salad.

These dandelion recipes would work as an epic side dish with richer meat and comes straight from your own garden. Even better.

4. Dandelion Salad with Goats Cheese and Tomato Dressing

This is basically summer in a salad. Make with or without the pasta, and pop it straight out as the star of your spread with such little effort.

There’s cheese, there’s bacon, there’s a sweet dressing, all-over crisp fresh leaves and of course, your new best friend dandelion.

5. Cauliflower and Dandelion Soup

Coming into the colder months you can’t really beat a good soup. It’s both detoxifying and delicious, what more could you hope for?

Its vivid green color will surefire have your friends asking questions, so you can get them just as obsessed with cooking with dandelions as you now are.

6. Warm Potato and Dandelion Salad

Potatoes are my favorite thing in the world, and I challenge you to think of something more versatile.

This isn’t just a potato salad, this is a trendy potato salad. These dandelion recipes would be just as yummy eaten on its own as it would be as a side dish with a meal.

7. Sautéed Dandelion Greens with Eggs

You should make this just to Instagram it, look at those colors. This, in the center of a table, paired with a big loaf of crusty bread for dipping would be just heavenly.

Make sure to get a bit of everything in the dip, runny yolk, a sprinkle of feta, and of course those all-important dandelions.

8. Pasta with Dandelion Greens and Pine Nuts

This dish looks to be smack bang in the middle of comforting and light enough not to leave you feeling like a hunk of pasta yourself when you’re done with it.

It is easy to adapt too, maybe throw in some chicken for the meat lovers out there.

9. Linguini with Mussels and Dandelion Greens

I am a massively huge seafood fan, so this one is definitely making its way straight into my pot.

It’s also a more subtle way of introducing dandelion into your kitchen if you’re not quite ready to jump in at the deep end with the whole idea of eating weeds from your garden.

10. Dandelion and Rosemary Shortbread

I, being the little Scottish thing that I am, am of course a big fan of shortbread, and this is no exception.

For anyone who can’t cope with anything too sweet, these are the perfect balance between your classic shortbread biscuit and something a little bit different.

11. Dandelion and Lemon biscuits

If you have the sweetest of sweet tooth like me, I can imagine you’re sitting salivating at your screen right now. You are not alone.

These dandelion recipes actually uses the petals of the dandelions, so even after you’ve beaten up the mixture and popped it in the oven, they’ll still look pretty.

12. Dandelion Banana Bread

Banana bread always takes me right back home to my mum’s kitchen.

Whether it’s fresh out the oven, the next day (if there’s any left), for breakfast, or with a cup of tea, you literally cannot go wrong with any form of banana bread, especially this one.

13. Homemade Dandelion Honey

The possibilities for this are endless. You could spread it on toast, use it in baking or even as part of a glaze in savory meals.

For the ultimate cold remedy, mix a spoonful of dandelion honey with hot water, lemon, and ginger. We can all thank my Granny for that one.

14. Dandelion Jelly

This is an incredibly similar alternative to real honey, and if you don’t believe me then you will just have to try it out for yourself. Give those little bees a rest and pop out into the garden, then get making jelly.

15. Dandelion and Lime Cooler

How suave and sophisticated does this look? I love citrus, and with the dandelion twist, this is a fresh drink you just have to try.

To really spice things up you could add a spirit and turn this into a cocktail.

16. Dandelion Berry Smoothie

I feel like smoothies have been all the rage for a while now and quite rightly so. They’re so so simple, and one of the best ways to pack a whole lot of fruity goodness into your day.

You could whip this up for an after gym pick-me-up, for a breakfast or just as a guilt-free sweet treat.

17. Dandelion wine

Making wine yourself is one of those things that everyone wants to try, but always tends to shy away from.

Well, these are the dandelion recipes to stop you from doing that. It’s incredibly simple, especially considering it leaves you with a result that you will be totally justified in boasting to your friends about.

18. Dandelion Iced Tea

Iced tea is good in any situation. If you make this recipe in summer, you could sit out in the garden and literally drink dandelions while surrounded by dandelions. If that isn’t just the perfect picture then I don’t know what is.

19. Roasted Dandelion Tea

Apparently this winter warmer acts as a coffee substitute, so you can’t really say no to it, can you?

Not only is it delicious, but it holds great health benefits. If you’re going to be sipping away at something in the evening, you might as well make it something that your body will thank you for.

20. Iced Dandelion Mocha

If you are someone who, like me, don’t like actual coffee, but instead likes all the sugary drinks with fancy spices and flavors in the titles which have a hint of coffee in them, then this one is for you.

I can see myself sharing this one with everyone I know, and everyone I don’t know for that matter too.

21. Vanilla Chai Dandelion Latte

Step over pumpkin spiced, this is usually your season, but there’s a new kid on the block.

Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors, so this just looks like a cuddle in a cup to me, and I can’t wait to be cuddled up on the sofa with this mug warming my hands.

These Last-Minute Party Snacks Will Make Your Friends Think You're a Damn Chef

There's nothing quite like the glorious feeling of absolute control that comes with hosting a party. You choose the guest list, pick the playlist (we don't talk about the smelectric shlide here), and serve party snacks you actually want to eat. Even if you're putting together a shindig that's over Zoom with 10+ heads attending, you still gotta put in the work! You want it to seem as

Sacrificing time spent on your snacks does not equal sacrificing flavor. Your guests will verify this fact once they see all your

. The baked brie bites might scream "these took 87 hours to make," but in reality, you just threw a few ingredients together to create a delicious treat.

Another pro tip: Everyone assumes deviled eggs are fancy AF, but they don't know that you really just mixed a few spices with some hard-boiled egg yolks and popped it in a sliced egg.

So instead of freaking out, spend more time curating your lewk and that party playlist. Then, you can prep these last-minute treats with a handful of ingredients in the hour or so before your party kicks off. (Whether it be virtual or at home with your fam-bam).

15 Flavorful Recipes for Green Olives

Todd Coleman

From fruity Italian cerignolas to firm and buttery luques and even briny California olives from the can, green olives are great as a stand-alone snack, marinated at home with spices of your choosing, or used to add flavor to a wide variety of dishes.

Djaj Mqualli (Chicken, Olive, and Lemon Tagine)

Djaj mqualli is one of the most popular versions of this beloved Moroccan dish, featuring braised chicken, green olives, and lemons in a sauce fragrant with ginger and coriander. See the recipe for Djaj Mqualli (Chicken, Olive, and Lemon Tagine) »

Fougasse (Provençal Bread with Olives and Herbs)

Inspired by a specialty of Southern France, crusty bread is topped with a mixture of olives and fresh herbs for wonderful flavor and aroma. See the recipe for Fougasse (Provençal Bread with Olives and Herbs) »

Pesce Spada alla Ghiotta (Swordfish with Olives and Capers)

Meaty swordfish steaks pair well with a rustic sauce of tomatoes, olives, and capers. See the recipe for Pesce Spada alla Ghiotta (Swordfish with Olives and Capers) »

Sauteed Sole with Olives

A tangy paste of green olives, anchovies, and capers is the perfect topping for mild and tender filet of sole.

Guineos en Escabeche (Pickled Green Bananas)

Unripe bananas pickled in a garlicky brine and mixed with green olives and lime juice make a refreshing condiment. See the recipe for Guineos en Escabeche (Pickled Green Bananas) »

Fried Olives

Green olives are tossed in breadcrumbs and fried for a simple yet delicious snack or hors d’oeuvre. See the recipe for Fried Olives » A New Orleans staple, the hefty Muffuletta is an irresistible sandwich stuffed with layers of olive salad, meats, and cheeses.

Cuban-Style Ropa Vieja

This Cuban-influenced version of ropa vieja–shredded meat in a tomato based sauce–is made with beef and accented with olives and capers. See the recipe for Cuban-Style Ropa Vieja »

Salsa Verde (Herb Sauce with Breadcrumbs)

Italy’s other ubiquitous green sauce is flavored with parsley and thickened with bread crumbs. Seasoned with green olives, vinegar, and anchovies, it’s bold enough to stand up to grilled meats. See the recipe for Salsa Verde (Herb Sauce with Breadcrumbs) »

Salsa Playera de Lujo (Fresh Tomato and Olive Salsa)

This Acapulco-inspired pico de gallo gets a briny boost from olives and capers. Serve it spooned over grilled fish or chicken. See the recipe for Salsa Playera de Lujo (Fresh Tomato and Olive Salsa) »

Canard aux Olives (Roast Duck with Olives)

Simmer green olives, herbs, and stock for a smooth and rich sauce to accompany roast duck. See the recipe for Canard aux Olives (Roast Duck with Olives) »

Cuban Pork Hash

Serve this hash—a quick and flavorful dish of ground pork studded with pimento-stuffed green olives, raisins, slivered almonds, onions, and peppers—with warm corn tortillas and stewed black beans. See the recipe for Cuban Pork Hash »

Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Green Olives

This simple but exotic Moroccan dish marries the flavors of preserved lemon and green olives with moist and succulent chicken. See the recipe for Chicken with Preserved Lemon and Green Olives »

Lemon and Coriander Marinated Olives

Making your own marinated olives is both quick and easy. Try chunks of lemon and cracked coriander seeds for a bright balance of flavors. See the recipe for Lemon and Coriander Marinated Olives »

Braised Chicken with Kumquats and Green Olives


For a Garden Party to Remember, Bring out the Zakuski

Fill the table with mouthwatering Slavic snacks, invite your friends, and let the ice-cold vodka do the rest.

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